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Your pet can ride along with us as we drive your vehicle long distance

By: Maureen
founder of Reliable Driving

Reliable Driving offers a Pet Ride-along service for customers relocating a vehicle, or having property transported, and want a ride-along option for their pets.

Relocating can be stressful for pets and their families and we offer a safe and reliable option to ensure that your pet relocation is as easy and relaxing as possible for everyone!

Our pet ride-along service is an excellent option for relocating your pets.
Here are a few reasons why:

Pets don’t like to fly, but love a road trip!

  • Flying can be extremely stressful for your pet and some pets are not allowed to fly. With our pet ride-along service your pet can relax and enjoy the trip!  Our driver will make frequent comfort stops to provide potty breaks, food and water, and exercise — as well as provide medication, as instructed, if needed. At night, our driver will stay at pet friendly hotels and sleep in the same room as your pet.

Pet owners want a personal and caring pet relocation service with consistent updates

  • Pet owners want a responsible and safe driver who will provide a personal and caring pet relocation experience for their pets. Our drivers will provide consistent updates on your pet and their well-being.  We know that your pet is part of the family and you want to be updated on how they are doing throughout the trip.

Pets would like to relax and ride in the family RV or vehicle

  • By traveling in your family vehicle, motorhome or RV your pet will be in familiar surroundings during the relocation. You can include all of your pet’s favorite bedding, toys, and cuddle buddies, anything that will help your pet feel comfortable and content during the trip.

There are multiple family pets that are going to be relocating and you would like your pets to travel together

  • When you have more than one pet, it can be helpful for them to travel together to ease any stress and offer the comfort of another family member along for the trip.

    As pet owners who love and care for our pets as family members, we will treat your pet
    as if they were our own – keeping them comfortable, safe, and happy during the trip.
    We want your pet to enjoy the road trip as much as we do!

2 Responses

  1. I am moving and I have two large dogs (Great Danes) that I don’t want to take on a plane. Do you have a restriction on the size of dog you will let ride with you?
    I have a SUV that needs to be driven to my new home and I want to know if the dogs can ride in the back.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thank you for your comment! We do not have any restrictions on the size of dog(s) that can join us as a pet ride-along. We only require that your dogs are friendly toward people and other animals that we may run into during potty and exercise stops. Our drivers are all loving pet owners and we will take care of your dogs as if they were their own. Please see the Pet Ride-along page on our website, or contact us directly for additional information. We are here to help you in any way we can and look forward to speaking with you!

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