“Our company has repeatedly counted-on Reliable Driving to handle multiple vehicle/trailer/equipment transports for us, covering thousands of miles all over the United States. The equipment being transported includes valuable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems and accessories. Reliable Driving always takes special care of our truck, trailer, and the equipment inside. Repeatedly, Reliable Driving has come through, on time, and with consistent updates, regardless of the distance, weather conditions, or other issues. We trust Reliable Driving and will continue to use this professional company for all our transport needs!”  — Lou

“We needed to move a car from California to Washington and felt that loading it up on a truck (and then having to rent a car because it would take a month to be delivered) was too expensive. Reliable Driving’s prices were much more reasonable and I loved that I could move things in the trunk! I was worried about having a stranger move my car, but I immediately felt comfortable when I contacted Reliable Driving. They were great to work with and made the whole process easy and stress-free!

We loved Reliable Driving’s professionalism, communication, and pleasantness. It was really nice to not even have to think about what was happening with my car because they kept us updated throughout the trip. They documented everything with pictures, were very thorough, and kept to the estimated timeline perfectly. It was also great that they had the car washed upon delivery! I would 100% recommend Reliable Driving to my friends and family.— Theresa

“Reliable Driving are highly professional and knowledgeable. Their services are well priced. They will surely exceed your expectations as they they did mine! I plan to use Reliable Driving again!— Susan

“I hired Reliable Driving to transport my vehicle along with a guest and pet. Not only did they handle the everything safely, the driver put in extra hours so that the vehicle, guest, and pet were all delivered in a very timely manner. I am very satisfied, and the transport was very cost-effective as well. I am very happy with the service provided.” — Hanah

“Reliable Driving was fantastic!  They had great communication with me throughout the trip and they were very conscientious. I would use Reliable Driving again anytime.” — Steve

“Thanks for starting your great Reliable Driving service! The last year has been very stressful and If I didn’t have you guys to carry the driving load of my Class A motorhome, I would 4-times as stressed! Thank you for making my RV dream a reality!” — Dan

“Reliable Driving provide great communication and terrific RV relocation service! They were very helpful, punctual, and attentive. They took great care of our RV. Thank you!” — Jose

“Reliable Driving was fantastic! The provided great communication throughout the entire process. The haul of our heavy, tall, and long Fire Boat, even down steep mountain roads, went very smooth!  We will be using Reliable Driving again for future boat relocations.” — Lacie

I came across the Reliable Driving website when I was looking for a professional to drive me and my car when relocating. What caught my eye was that Maureen and her brother are retired from law enforcement positions and I have a similar family background. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Maureen is not only an outstanding safe driver; she is kind, patient and caring. She went out of her way to help me through a stressful move with rude and incompetent movers. She spent the entire day and late into the evening making sure I got moved and settled. Maureen is someone who really cares about people and finds ways to solve problems. I thought I was hiring a driver and found I had met an angel who steered me through a stressful day. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Maureen and plan to stay in touch. I highly recommend Reliable Driving for all your transportation needs.” — Diane

“This delivery went perfect! The truck I had relocated arrived right on time (to the minute). Communication with the driver was constant before and during transit. Reliable Driving was absolutely reliable, courteous, and responsible. They will be my ‘go-to’ for any other vehicle relocation tasks.” — Eric

“Reliable Driving is awesome! Super professional, communicative through the whole process and took care of our vehicle and belongings as if they were their own – even factoring in bad weather! Would absolutely use Reliable Driving again!” — Matt

“Reliable Driving was a huge assistance to us during an important meeting and demonstration. They will be our first call when we have our next demo.” — Mac

“When I decided to relocate 2200 miles away, I just assumed my Boxer, Zoe, would fly in cargo with the rest of the family when we moved.  Only a few weeks before our departure did I learned Zoe would not be able to fly at all under new airline rules.  I had no idea how I was going to get my dog across country until I decided to do a little research and realized there were companies that would drive your pet and your vehicle.  I was incredibly fortunate to find Reliable Driving!  Maureen walked me through everything and within a few minutes of talking to her I had confidence that she was going to care for my dog through the long drive.  We received texts and emails throughout the four day journey with pictures and updates of how Zoe was doing and where they were.  Zoe struggled with her routine on the drive and Maureen was great about letting me know and asking for tips on how to make Zoe more comfortable.  When Zoe arrived at our new home she was happy, healthy.  In addition to the amazing care she gave Zoe, the car came to us in perfect condition with a full tank of gas and washed!  I simply cannot give Maureen high enough praise for her professionalism and care.  I would absolutely use Reliable Driving again and the peace of mind they gave us was worth every penny!”  — Julie

“Amazing service, thank you so much! We’ll definitely be using you again!” — Jonathan

“Reliable Driving was great! Maureen texted me each night with her location and how the trip was going. She even coordinated her arrival time to meet me at the airport so that I could return my rental car and take my own car back to the base. She also had my car cleaned before meeting me. I would highly recommend Reliable Driving.” — Morgan

“My experience with Reliable Driving was amazing. When they saw the cost of the airline ticket to fly their driver to Fresno, they suggested that renting a car and having their driver drive to Fresno instead would be cheaper and saved me $200! I was also able to save money by packing a lot of my things into my car instead of shipping them. The car was at my parent’s house and the driver, Kevin, kept my Dad updated during the drive on his arrival time. My Dad texted me afterward that he really liked meeting and speaking with him. Kevin kept me informed during the trip from California to Washington and arrived just as planned at my front door. I would use Reliable Driving again and will recommend them to others.” — Victoria

“Reliable Driving was great and they went out of their way to help me! My original plan was to move my elderly mother, who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers, along with her very large dog and two cats from California to Illinois in a rented motorhome. Since I had driven my car to California, I needed to have it driven back to Illinois. (Two years earlier, I had used a car transport company to ship my car but they damaged it during the trip, so I did not want to use this type of company again.) I contacted Reliable Driving and Maureen arrived to drive my car back to Illinois. After meeting my mom, her animals, and seeing that I had a lot on my plate, she made sure to reassure me that she would safely deliver my car to my home in Illinois. Maureen contacted me each night to let me know how the trip was going and that all was well. She would also ask how my mother and I were doing as she knew we were due to begin our own motorhome trip a few days later. Maureen contacted my housemate in Illinois and did all of the coordinating with her to drop off my car. Even after arriving back home, Maureen kept in touch with me to see how my trip was progressing which was very slowly and she continued to offer her support. Three days into my motorhome trip, I became very ill. I was in the middle of Montana with my mother, pets and too ill to drive. I called Maureen and the next morning she was on a plane, arriving in the afternoon to help me. I was able to rest in the motorhome while Maureen drove the next three days talking to my mother in the passenger seat and helping with the pets for the remainder of the trip. I don’t know what I would have done without her help! I highly recommend Reliable Driving. They go out of their way to treat their customers like family.” — Lisa

“Reliable Driving was the perfect choice for me. I was beginning a new job in Pennsylvania and was moving from California. I was flying to Pennsylvania and wanted my car to be there when I arrived. Kevin picked up my car from my house and drove it to Philadelphia airport arriving before my flight landed and meeting me outside of baggage claim. I was able to walk straight to my waiting car and drive it to my new apartment. It was so convenient! Their customer service is great and their consistent updates kept me in the loop so I knew what was going on during the whole trip.” — Ed