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Services We Offer

Our professional and reliable driver will relocate your vehicle to its desired destination. This includes:

  • Driving your passenger car, SUV, pickup truck, or van
    • We provide a convenient and safe driving service for customers who are seeking to relocate their personal vehicle

  • Driving a moving truck
    • Driving a moving truck over long distances requires extra diligence and expertise and can be exhausting. Many customers prefer to fly and let us do the driving for them
  • Driving your motorhome (Class A, Class B, or Class C)
    • We will drive your motorhome to its destination while you either fly or drive your personal vehicle. If you prefer to fly, we will gladly tow your personal vehicle behind the motorhome

  • Driving your vehicle or a rental vehicle while towing your trailer or a rental trailer

We work solely and directly for our customer. As part of our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service, we offer:

Door-to-Door Service:

We will pick-up and drop-off your vehicle at the location most convenient to you, such as:

  • Home or business
  • Airport curbside
  • Train or bus terminal
  • Airport parking lot
  • College campus
  • RV campground/park
  • Storage facility
  • Dealership

Customer-directed time schedule:

Customers choose a time schedule based on their needs. We pride ourselves on being reliable and meeting your desired schedule. We will provide consistent updates throughout the trip, including information about any unexpected issues or delays. Our drivers will do everything they can to make up any lost time in order to honor our commitment to you.

Customers can pack belongings in vehicle:

Customers can pack personal belongings into the vehicle, including items that are too bulky to bring on a flight or too fragile to ship. This can be a tremendous convenience as well as a money-saver for our customers.

Pet Ride-along:

Reliable Driving offers a pet ride-along service for customers that would want a ride-along option for their pets. Please see our Pet Ride-along page for more information.

Reasons to use Reliable Driving:

Moving is stressful and time consuming. Getting your vehicle to a new location can be an additional burden. Reliable Driving will relocate your vehicle, motorhome, or moving truck for you — as well as tow your trailer.

Reliable Driving offers a pet ride-along service for our customers. It is an excellent option when:

  • Pets don’t like to fly, but love a road trip!
  • Pet owners want a personal and caring pet relocation service with consistent updates
  • Pets would like to relax and ride in the family RV or vehicle
  • Multiple family pets need to be relocated

Please see our Pet Ride-along page for more information.

Relocations or transfers often occur ‘last minute’, requiring our customers to fly to the new location while they rely on Reliable Driving to relocate their vehicle(s). This includes military personnel, professional athletes, students, and others. 

As retired law enforcement professionals, and parents ourselves, we understand the importance of your student’s safety.  Long distance driving to and from college, often over several days, can be dangerous, worrisome and stressful especially for less experienced drivers and their parents.

A safer option is for the student to fly while Reliable Driving relocates the vehicle to their school. The vehicle can be packed with the student’s belongings and we can have the vehicle waiting for them when they arrive on campus. 

Customers who fly to a location where they plan to spend an extended period of time use Reliable Driving to bring their vehicle to the location. 

The relocation of the vehicle can be scheduled so that it is waiting at the destination airport, along with any belongings that were packed inside. This can be a huge time-saver and avoid the hassle of using a shuttle or taxi service.

When a parent or loved one needs to be relocated, they may prefer to fly. Reliable Driving can relocate their vehicle and have it, and any belongings packed inside, waiting for them when they arrive.

Trade shows, conventions, concerts, car shows, seasonal events, etc. often require moving trucks, and/or trailers, to transport equipment. Reliable Driving can assist by doing the driving and/or towing for you.

Whether it be a motorhome (Class A, Class B, or Class C)  or RV to be driven to a new location — Reliable Driving can handle it for you.

We can even tow a vehicle or trailer behind your motorhome or RV.

It can be more cost-effective to buy or sell a vehicle out of your local area. Reliable Driving can pick up the vehicle and bring it to the buyer, even if it is towed in, or on, a trailer.

Our drivers have experience in driving a variety of specialized vehicles. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific need.

In the event that your vehicle needs repairs while on a trip and you are unable to remain with the vehicle, Reliable Driving can bring the vehicle to you once the repairs are complete.

Your insurance company may reimburse the costs.