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Pet Ride-along

Reliable Driving offers a pet ride-along service for customers relocating a vehicle, or having property transported, but want a ride-along option for their pets. Relocation can be stressful for pets and their family and we want to make sure that the trip is as easy and relaxing as possible for everyone.

Pet ride-along service is an excellent option when:

  • Pets don’t like to fly, but love a road trip!
  • Pet owners want a personal and caring pet relocation service with consistent updates
  • Pets would like to relax and ride in the family RV or vehicle
  • Multiple family pets need to be relocated

Our driver will make frequent comfort stops to provide potty breaks, food/water, and exercise — as well as to provide medication as instructed. Our driver will stay at pet friendly hotels and sleep in the same room as your pet.

As pet owners who love and care for our pets as family members, we will treat your pet as if they were our own— keeping them comfortable, safe, and happy.

The safety of your pet, our driver, and others is paramount. We require that your pet is friendly toward people and other animals.


Requirements for our pet ride-along service:
  • Pet safety equipment and travel crates must be provided and meet all legal highway requirements
    • Travel crates need to be large enough for your pet to stand and/or turn around in comfortably

  • Sufficient food, snacks, and medication

  • Food bowl, water bowl, bedding and toys – all their favorite items to help your pet feel as happy as possible

  • Collar with name and contact number

  • Leash or litter box, if applicable

  • Emergency/Veterinarian contact name and number

  • Proof of current vaccinations
Additional charges apply for our pet ride-along service. Please Contact Us for more information regarding pet ride-along options.