Can I hire a driver to tow my trailer long distance?

By: Maureen
founder of Reliable Driving

Yes! Reliable Driving offers a unique and reliable Towing-Hauling service.  We can drive your tow vehicle with your trailer or we can tow your trailer with our vehicle. We also offer a towing service where we will bring our tow vehicle and our trailer to you. With each of these options, we will do the towing for you!

Towing using the customer’s tow vehicle and the customer’s trailer

Are you a seasonal traveler? We can drive your motorhome and tow your personal vehicle or boat to your home-away-from-home while you fly.  What about an RV?  We can drive your vehicle and RV to the destination of your choice (RV Park, storage unit, etc.) and have them waiting for you when you arrive. Maybe you want someone to drive your vehicle and your cargo trailer to your next scheduled event.  We can provide an experienced driver to tow your cargo trailer and have it waiting for you at your event.

Towing using Reliable Driving’s tow vehicle and the customer’s trailer

Providing a reliable driver to tow your vehicle and trailer is only one of our towing-hauling options!  We can also provide our tow vehicle to tow your trailer.  This is a great option when you are moving and need a tow vehicle to tow your rental moving trailer.  Have you made a long distance boat purchase?  Reliable Driving can pick up your new boat and tow it to you.  Do you want to relocate your tiny house?  We can provide the driver and the tow vehicle to move your tiny home.  When it’s a tow vehicle you need, Reliable Driving can provide both an experienced driver and a reliable tow vehicle to accomplish the task.

Our tow vehicles can handle conventional ball or pintle trailers (up to 19,000 pounds), 5th-wheel trailers (up to 25,000 pounds), or Gooseneck hitch (up to 27,800 pounds).

Towing using Reliable Driving’s tow vehicle and Reliable Driving’s trailer

We aren’t done! Reliable Driving offers towing using both our tow vehicle and our trailer.  When you make a long distance vehicle purchase and need a driver, a tow vehicle and a car dolly to pick up your new vehicle and safely tow it to you, Reliable Driving can provide this service.  We can also bring an open or closed trailer to you for loading and then our driver will tow the trailer and cargo to its destination.

Our variety of trailer options include:

  • Vehicle dolly (up to 4,000 pounds of cargo)
  • 18-foot twin-axle open-bed trailer (up to 11,580 pounds of cargo)
  • 20-foot twin-axle enclosed trailer (up to 4,000 pounds of cargo)
  • 24-foot twin-axle enclosed trailer (up to 10,000 pounds of cargo)

Reliable Driving is based in Southern California.
It is most cost-effective to use our tow vehicle options in the western portion of the United States.

Reliable Driving can assist you with all of your towing needs…
Let us do the towing for you!

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