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If you have questions that need further clarification or are not answered below,
please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Yes!  We can conveniently and safely relocate your personal vehicle(s), moving truck, or motorhome (Class A, Class B, or Class C). We can also tow your trailer or a rental trailer behind your vehicle. Please see our Services We Offer page for more details.

Our name and our slogan say it best! We are reliable, professional, experienced, trustworthy, cost-effective, and friendly. We have a law enforcement background, enjoy driving, and truly want to provide outstanding service to our customers.

Yes!  Please see our Pet Ride-along page for more details.

Yes!  This is a tremendous convenience as well as a money saver for our customers. During hotel stays our driver can bring requested belongings into the hotel room for added security.

Yes!  We offer door-to-door service, we will pick-up and drop-off your vehicle at the location most convenient to you:

  • Home or business
  • Airport curbside
  • Train or bus terminal
  • Airport parking lot
  • College campus
  • RV campground/park
  • Storage facility
  • Dealership

Our drivers are experienced in driving all types of vehicles, including:

  • Passenger car, SUV, pickup truck, or van
  • Moving truck/van (up to 26-feet in length and 26,000 GVWR)
  • Motorhome (Class A, Class B, or Class C)
  • Automatic or manual transmissions

Our drivers are experienced in towing a wide variety of trailers as long as the tow vehicle is properly equipped, including:

  • RV’s
  • Another vehicle
  • Boat or jet-skis
  • Enclosed trailer
  • Open-bed trailer

Very!  We pride ourselves on being reliable and honoring our commitments. Our drivers will do everything they can to make up any lost time and still meet the projected time-schedule.

Please see our About Us page for details.

Yes!  Our driver will provide daily updates throughout the trip. You will be well-informed if there are any unexpected issues or delays via your choice of phone, text, or email.

Yes!  We understand that you are entrusting us with your vehicle, property, or pet(s). You can call us at any time and we will get in contact with the driver who, in turn, will contact you as soon as possible.

Vehicle relocation costs:

  • Fuel
  • Hotels
  • Expenses and compensation

Driver transportation costs:

  • Ground transportation from the driver’s home to a local airport
  • Flight to an airport near the vehicle pick-up location
  • Ground transportation from the airport to the vehicle pick-up location
    • Cost Saving TipPicking up our driver at the airport, or having the pick-up location be at the airport, will reduce this ground transportation cost!
  • Ground transportation from the vehicle drop-off location to a local airport
    • Cost Saving Tip: Taking our driver to the airport, or having the drop-off location be at the airport, will reduce this ground transportation cost!
  • Flight to an airport near the driver’s home
  • Ground transportation from the airport to the driver’s home

Possible additional costs:

  • Highway/bridge/tunnel tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Minor repair fees (i.e. flat tire, wiper blades, fuses, light bulbs, etc.)
  • Ground transportation, hotel, and incidental expenses that may be required due to cancellations, or extended waiting periods as a result of delays, mechanical issues, inclement weather or unsafe road conditions

We are budget conscience and look for the most economical ways to transport our driver to and from the vehicle, including cost-effect ground transportation, economy flights, and affordable meal and hotel costs.

Yes! We find the most economical flights available when the estimate is provided. We recommend booking flights as early as possible in order to maintain the accuracy of the estimate.  Please see our How our Service Works page for more details.

Average speeds and gas mileage are higher when a driving a typical passenger car/truck/SUV/van. In contrast, average speeds and gas mileage are lower when driving a large pickup truck, moving truck, motorhome, and/or when towing. Reliable Driving factors these variables into your estimate so that you are aware up front of all expected costs.

Yes!  We offer discount programs for active military personnel, current first responders, current college students, senior citizens (60+), and Good Sam members for RV-related trips.

No!  We are upfront regarding all of our costs and we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent.

Please see our How Our Service Works page for more information.

In order to maintain our cost-effective commitment to you, your auto insurance policy is used as the insurance coverage. This is done under the concept of ‘Permissive Use’, which means that your insurance coverage remains in effect when you give our driver permission to drive your vehicle. Your insurance coverage must carry a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 property damage liability and bodily injury liability, as well as full collision and comprehensive coverage for the duration of the trip. If needed, most insurance companies will temporarily increase the vehicle insurance limits upon request. Your insurance policy must be in full force and effect for the duration of the trip. We recommend that you verify all insurance questions and/or concerns with your insurance company.

Our driver will comply with all laws regarding a traffic accident (i.e. rendering aid if needed, notifying the police, exchanging information, and make every attempt to get a police report taken) and notify you as soon as possible. Our drivers have AAA premium memberships and will be able to have the vehicle towed to a desired location for repair. Reliable Driving will work with you to best resolve the issue and, if possible, continue the trip.

When relocating your vehicle, repair costs will be covered under your vehicle’s insurance policy. If an accident is caused by our driver, Reliable Driving will reimburse the owner up to $500 towards the policy deductible.

Our driver will monitor weather and road conditions throughout the trip. If necessary, they will modify their route to avoid unsafe road conditions.  If modifying the route is not on option, the driver will wait in a safe location until driving conditions improve.

We will notify you as soon as possible. Our drivers have AAA premium memberships and will be able to have the vehicle towed to a desired location for repair. Reliable Driving will work with you to best resolve the issue and, if possible, continue the trip.

We provide personalized door-to-door service while working solely and directly for the customer during the entire trip. We understand the importance of meeting the customer’s desired time schedule and providing the customer with frequent and consistent updates throughout the trip.

A few of the downfalls of auto transport (car carrier) services are:

  • Does not provide door-to-door service
  • Does not work on a schedule convenient to the customer and often takes weeks to deliver a vehicle that we can deliver in just a few days
  • Auto carrier driver’s do not work solely and directly for one customer during the entire trip and they do not allow for frequent and consistent updates
  • Does not allow you to pack personal belongings in your vehicle
  • Does not allow pet ride-alongs
  • Will not transport large vehicles such as moving trucks or motorhomes
  • Does not allow towing of a trailer
  • They transport multiple vehicles on the same car carrier, all going to different locations, and requiring several unloads and reloads which increases the risk of damage to your vehicle
  • You do not know who is driving the car carrier and different drivers are used throughout the trip

Yes.  Your vehicle(s) must be in safe operating condition and meet all legal highway requirements. Please download the Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection form and review it to know what will be expected.

Yes!  A ‘rush’ delivery often requires having our driver put in more hours and more miles each day, or possibly providing a ‘driving team’ (two drivers for 24 hour per day driving). Please Contact Us for more information.

No!  We respect your vehicle as our own and we are hired to safely drive your vehicle to its destination.

No!  All of our drivers are non-smokers.

Yes!  Please contact us regarding vehicle relocation or cargo/property transport into Canada.

Not at this time.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality customer service! Gratuities are not expected, but they are accepted if you feel that the quality of service you received warrants it.