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About Us

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Reliable Driving was founded by a sister-brother team of retired law enforcement professionals.
We understand the importance of serving others, the protection of life and property, and having a strong work ethic.
We strive to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective service possible.
We enjoy driving, traveling, seeing different places, and helping others.

Our drivers are mature, safe, and efficient.
They have decades of quality driving experience and have driven over 3 million miles.
They have a passion for driving and have received specialized driver training.
They can expertly handle driving long distances, overcoming adverse road conditions, driving large vehicles, and towing.
They can drive vehicles with either automatic or manual transmissions.

Our drivers have successfully passed extensive law-enforcement background checks.

Our drivers have no accidents or moving violations on their DMV reports.
A DMV Moving Violation Report (MVR) is available upon request.

Our drivers have AAA premium memberships to assist with safely and efficiently dealing with any issues that may arise.

Our drivers do not smoke, they do not use narcotics, and they do not drink alcohol.

Our drivers

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